Health and Safety Issues

The objectives of this section are to allow participants to learn to properly handle an accident or serious incident, to differentiate between an accident and a serious incident, to complete an incident/accident investigation report form and to understand the procedures and paperwork necessary for dealing with an incident or accident.

Health Forms

All youth and adult participants attending 4-H overnight events and activities will be required to complete a medical form [Adult] [Youth-English] [Youth-Spanish].The Event Coordinator or designee will summarize the health issues or concerns and make these known to the appropriate chaperones abiding by the 4-H medical privacy statement.

Chaperones are asked to keep such medical information confidential. Chaperones will be provided with copies of the medical forms for the youth they are responsible for. Adult medical forms will be kept by the individual adult with a copy shared with the Event Coordinator.

Chaperones should be knowledgeable about the area emergency services phone numbers and the location of the first aid and blood borne pathogen “clean up” kits. They should also have a list of the CPR and First Aid certified chaperones and staff attending the 4-H event or activity. It is preferred that there would be at least one certified CPR/First Aid person at each event.

Medical Privacy Statement:

It is the policy of University of Illinois 4-H Youth Development Programs to keep any medical information it may have regarding 4-H Youth Development program participants confidential. However, there may be time in which such medical information will be needed and may need to be shared with others. Examples of sharing might include: providing information to medical personnel in the event of an emergency so that a youth may be treated; providing information to Extension staff or volunteers who are coordinating specific events in the case of a request for reasonable accommodation; and providing information to chaperones and host families who are responsible for the health and safety of program participants at a specific event. Except in the case of emergency, prior to sharing any medical information it may have with those external to the University, Extension, or 4-H , every effort will be made to get the permission of the program participant or parent or guardian.

This statement and related procedures need to be adhered to by all 4-H adult chaperones.


All medications should be noted on the health form. Medications should be turned over to the chaperones at the beginning of the event and kept in a locked box where possible. Exceptions to this policy may be the use of inhalers for those with asthma and for those who are very allergic to bee stings. It is the responsibility of the youth participant to come to the chaperone to get medications at the appropriate times. If medications need to be refrigerated, this needs to be noted prior to the event so refrigeration can be provided. Chaperones should not dispense any over-the-counter medications nor should participants share medications with one another.

Minor Injuries

Adult chaperones are limited in the type of assistance they may provide in treating medical injuries. If Extension staff and/or adult chaperones are trained in CPR and First Aid and have current certification, they may assist until medical personnel arrive. Only trained medical personnel should administer treatment.

First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen “Clean Up” Kits

Each 4-H event and activity should have one or more basic First Aid kits and a bloodborne pathogen “clean up” kit. Review the Blood Borne Pathogens Sheet.

Incident/Accident Investigation Form

In the event of a medical accident, chaperones will be asked to complete an Incident/Accident Investigation Form. Review this form prior to the event. This form should be turned into the Event Coordinator no later than the end of the event.

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