Call 911 Quiz

Read through the situations and possible solutions.

Situation 1

Each of the youth participants bring commercially prepared snacks to the 4-H event. Several of the snacks contain peanuts. What should you do?

Possible Solution:

Before the event, review the health forms for the participants to see if anyone has a peanut allergy. Or review the list of youth with health issues that has been provided to you by the Event Coordinator. Depending on the ages of the participants, the youth with the "peanut allergy" should be reminded not to eat the snacks containing peanuts. Or the "peanut snacks" should be removed from the choices for the event. Staff may want to substitute any snacks that contain peanuts or other nuts. Some children have such severe allergies to peanuts and other nuts that they can not even be in the same room with "peanut-c." Similar situations may apply to youth with other allergies such as seafood, wheat, etc.