Personal Information

What To Bring and What Not To Bring

For most 4-H events and activities there will be a list of items that are appropriate to bring and not to bring. Youth participants and their parents or guardians are asked to abide by this list for the health and safety of all event participants.

Appropriate Dress

For some events, specific special items of clothing may be required to participate in certain activities. For most events, the following items are not appropriate: clothing that advertises alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or drugs or clothing that has vulgar, obscene, or offensive messages or images. Hats or caps should not be worn inside buildings. (Exceptions would be made for religious attire.)

Name Tags

For many 4-H events and activities, it is necessary and appropriate for youth and adult participants to wear name tags. These should be worn in a location that is easily visible to adult chaperones and other participants. This helps with the ease in accountability of all participants and helps everyone get to know one another so there is an inclusive, welcoming environment at the event. For some events, youth may be asked to wear a designated item rather than a name tag as a means for identification in case of an emergency – i.e. wristband or lanyard.

Cell Phone Usage

Individual events will have specific rules regarding the use of cell phones by participants. In general, youth are discouraged from using cell phones, rather they should focus their time and attention on the program in which they are participating. Adult chaperones may have cell phones as a program risk management tool. Use of cell phones by paid and volunteer staff should be limited. 4-H is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of cell phones brought to a 4-H event. Parents should be provided with an emergency contact number of the Event Coordinator.

Youth Descriptions for Trips

For some events, youth or their parents may be asked to complete the Youth Descriptions for Trips Form giving a description of the young person and what they are wearing for the day. This information may be helpful if a young person gets separated from the group during an event.

Send your confirmation of completion to the 4-H Overnight Chaperone Orientation Staff