Let's Talk About Insects on CD-ROM

C.P. Ant introduces 9-11 year olds to the wonderful world of insects. Students learn about the magic of metamorphosis, what makes an insect an insect, and an insect's basic body parts. Let's Talk about Insects stresses the many benefits insects bring to our environment. Students can also design and name their own insect. (Also available in Spanish.)

A CD-ROM version of Let's Talk About Insects is available with eight other of our most popular school curricula for $16.99 which includes postage and handling. Click here for more information about all of the programs included. To order, fill out the form below, click the "Send Order" button, and send your payment along with the invoice provided. Make your check made payable to the University of Illinois.

Your order will be mailed within 7 days of receiving your order and payment.

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