The Adventures of Herman on CD-ROM

Your kids won't squirm when they visit The Adventures of Herman website. Herman, the cutest worm you've ever seen, guides kids as they learn about the genealogy of worms, a worm's eating habits, and discover how annelids manage withouth noses, eyes, arms or legs! At Worm Facts, kids find out how there can be more than a million earthworms in one acre of land, and other cool tidbits. Students can also slither out to Herman's Fun Place, where they can write a worm story, explore the underground in Herman's Tunnel, or get color crazy at Color Me Herman. And if students have a question, they can contact Herman directly. Students in grades 3-5 can dive into Herman's wormhole now!

A CD-ROM version of The Adventures of Herman is available with eight other of our most popular school curricula for $16.99 which includes postage and handling. Click here for more information about all of the programs included. To order, fill out the form below, click the "Send Order" button, and send your payment along with the invoice provided. Make your check made payable to the University of Illinois.

Your order will be mailed within 7 days of receiving your order and payment.

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