Telling Your Story

What We Learned

As with most economic development endeavors, at some point you need to step back and assess your progress in creating an entrepreneurial community. You need to ask yourself – what have we accomplished? What more do we need to do to achieve our goals? That’s where a measurement system comes into play. By measuring your outcomes, you’ll be able to do two very important things. One is to learn from and improve the work you’re doing in your community. Measuring your success will help you learn what’s working, and what’s not, and to make changes that will lead to more success over time.

The second thing you’ll be able to do is more effectively tell the story of your success. Key to building momentum for your work is being able to communicate to people in your community the progress you’ve made and the ways that your entrepreneurship efforts are leading to business creation and success. You can also invite people to join your efforts – building your team and your capacity over time.

So, what should you be tracking as part of a measurement system?

One important thing to remember as you measure your success – don’t underestimate the power of stories! It is important to balance data – the numbers you collect and report – with stories about the way your work has had a positive impact on entrepreneurs in your community. Hearing how support has contributed to the success of a real entrepreneur can be compelling – putting a face on your efforts and helping to celebrate the accomplishments of your entrepreneurs in the process.

Telling Your Story