What and Why (Cause and Effect)

What and Why (Cause and Effect)





Have a dialogue with students focusing on the terms cause and effect. Give some everyday examples of cause and effect to ensure that students have a good understanding of the terms. The teacher can introduce a couple of cause and effect examples to which every student can relate:

Cause: Did not complete homework assignment.

Effect: Reprimand by teacher/parent.

Cause: Severe thunderstorms start in the morning and continue all day.

Effect: The all-day trip to the zoo and museum is canceled, along with the picnic in the park.

Discuss the two examples and have the students conclude that the cause of an event is responsible for resulting actions and that the effect is the result. In other words, the cause is the reason, the effect is the result or what happens. Use the two previous examples for further explanation.

Summary Pattern

Because of __________, __________. __________ caused __________.

Therefore __________. Finally, due to __________, __________.

This explains why __________.