Is It What I Think or What I know?(Fact and Opinion)

Is It What I Think or What I know?(Fact and Opinion)





Discuss the difference between information that is factual and information that is someone's opinion. Have a dialogue about articles in the newspaper or on television newscasts. Ask students if they believe everything they read in print or hear on radio and television. Why or why not?

Discuss the terms fact and opinion. Solicit examples of what students consider a fact and what they consider an opinion. Ask how they determine which is fact or opinion.

Distribute the fact/opinion chart. Have students use the suggested statements listed or ones they generated to complete it. The last column, "How do you know?" must have references if the statement has been determined to be a fact. In other words, students must prove the statement is true by naming their source of information. They must list the book, such as the encyclopedia, with page numbers, or other sources used as proof. If the statement is judged to be an opinion, the students must tell why they think so.


Suggested Statements

After students have completed their charts, they will share their findings with the class, explaining how they researched the information on facts and how they determined which statements were opinions. Have questions and challenges from the class on statements that everyone does not agree with.