Do You Mean

Do You Mean





Students will read and interpret the sayings listed. Students and teachers are encouraged to add to this list. This activity should be done by students working in cooperative teams.

This activity encourages students to concentrate on comprehension skills as they attempt to figure out what the sayings really mean. It also is an excellent avenue to address cultural diversity, because many of the sayings or phrases originate from various racial, religious, and cultural groups. This is an effective way to involve parents, grandparents, and other family members. Have students ask their family members to share some of their traditional sayings or proverbs.

After students have determined what the sayings mean, have them discuss how they can help them improve their lives, behavior, or how they treat others.

Traditional Sayings or Proverbs


Old saying: Little but mighty!

Interpretation: Someone may seem to be small in size or position, but that doesn't mean they are not strong or important.

Statement: I have to remember that everyone is someone important; and that it doesn't matter how small in size the person may be. Therefore, I must respect people for who they are and not for their color or size or where they work.