If I Had The Power

If I Had The Power





Students will use their knowledge and/or experiences about various topics to help them complete the following activity. Place the students in cooperative groups. The teacher will write statements similar to those listed below on the board. Students will think of ways they can address the problem or situation. Each group will discuss the same problem. After deciding on a possible plan of action or solution, each group will select a reporter who will share the team's plan.

The students will discuss how they formulated their plan and why they think it would work. Sample statements are listed below. The students should be encouraged to add to this list.

"If I had the power to ________, I would . . .


If I had the power to eat ice cream for breakfast every day, I would rent a big rental truck, drive it to the supermarket, and fill it with every flavor of ice cream the store had. Every day I would eat a different flavor; maybe on some days I would mix two flavors together. Since I would have the power, I would let my little sister eat ice cream for breakfast too.