Resources for Developing Caring Schools

Walk in My Shoes

Walk in My Shoes is a 4-H project that reaches across generations and teaches young people about growing older and the physical changes that occur with age. A 59-page member manual enables individual youth working with an older helper to distinguish between the realities of aging and the stereotypes or myths that exist about older adults. Youth learn to develop an awareness of the impact of physical and sensory changes on the lives of older people through "hands on" activities. Young and old are able to share, learn and understand one another. A 67-page Leader's Guide provides assistance to volunteers or teachers who are assisting a group with the project. In addition to background information on aging, life skills, developmental issues for 9-14 year olds and teaching experientially; the Guide includes 24 activity plans for which Illinois Learning Standards have been identified.

To order both the youth and leader's guide of Walk in My Shoes, go to the Publications Plus website.

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