Training for Businesses


Research indicates that a focus on values and character in the workplace can have significant impact on key business metrics such as improved customer service, reduced liability costs, improved employee retention, and increased productivity.

Character@Work™ is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses translate organizational values into everyday behaviors that can lead to greater productivity and excellence in the workplace. Beyond business ethics, this workshop helps leaders create a culture that supports people in being their best person and doing their best work.

Character@Work™ is a process-oriented solution that gives business leaders a step-by-step process and tools for Creating a Culture of Character in their workplace. It is unique in that it focuses on enhancing individual character and behavior as well as creating an organizational culture that supports optimal performance.

For More Information:

Character@Work™ is a collaborative project of University of Illinois Extension and The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development.

University of Illinois Extension The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development