Training for Parents

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Building Character In the Home

Participants in the program learn how the home setting affects character development. Discussion focuses on role modeling that teaches character development as well as setting and enforcing appropriate limits.

Raising Responsible Children I (preschool)

Raising Responsible Children (preschool) is for parents of preschoolers and focuses on how responsibility or self-direction develops. Participants will learn how to involve their youngsters in household tasks.

Raising Responsible Children II (early elementary)

Raising Responsible Children II (early elementary) is for parents of early elementary school aged children and also focuses on the development of responsibility. Participants will learn how to assist children with decision making.

Teachable Moments for Families

Children learn values from parents when they are good role models, advocate for positive character, provide fair and consistent enforcement of family expectations and are creative when they teach lessons. Parents and families understand the value of a teachable moment. With TeRRiFiCC Teachable Moments: Families at your fingertips, you can respond to character and behavior issues at a moment’s notice. Learning by doing is the framework for each Terrific Teachable Moments activity. This workshop and accompanying resource provides parents with a framework about how to develop positive character traits in their child.