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Breaking the Code (BTC) Bullying Simulation

Breaking the Code Bullying Simulation

Does bullying affect the social climate of your school? How do students react when they see someone bully, or be bullied by, another student? Do they know their options as a bystander and understand how their response affects the bully, the victim, and the climate of their school? Breaking the Code is a research-based prevention simulation developed for middle and high school students about the unwritten code of bullying that exists in schools and how bystanders can help to ‘break this code’ at their school. Contact your local Extension office or one of the educators listed below to schedule a workshop for your classroom or a facilitator training. The training includes the resource kit and how to use it in your classroom or after school program. See “Resources” on this website for additional description of the BTC kit.

Those currently available to provide training include:

Creating Teachable Moments

How do you react when a student makes fun of another, is rude, or is fighting? What do you do when a student has been helpful, caring, or shares? Learn how to take common objects in your classroom and create a mini-lesson to reinforce the positive behaviors or discourage the negative ones. You’ll also learn about TeRRiFiCC Teachable Moments resources and their use in classroom or child care settings.

Fostering Terrific Teachable Moments: Grades 7 through 12

High school/middle school teachers and counselors asked us for a secondary education version of Terrific Teachable Moments (TTM). They identified skills and behaviors that they said are important to each student’s success in the classroom and beyond. The 76 hands-on, minds-on activities tied to Illinois academic and social/emotional learning standards is the result. This workshop introduces the activities in this resource and also utilizes research from Smart & Good High Schools Report: Integrating Excellence & Ethics for Success in School, Work & Beyond to introduce the concept of performance character (e.g., responsibility, perseverance, and a positive attitude) and ethical character (e.g., integrity, respect and cooperation). After experiencing several TTM activities, participants will plan how they can best use TTM lessons to support the social, emotional and character development efforts of their school. They will also learn about and practice using “the four keys” of effective development of performance & ethical character to enhance and expand the activities in the TTM resource.

Teen RISK (Real Issues of the Sexual Kind)

How does pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection affect a teen’s life and future? What emotional consequences are involved when teens become sexually involved? How do drugs and alcohol impact an adolescent’s decisions in life? This research-based, abstinence-based teen pregnancy, STI, and HIV prevention simulation has been developed for middle and high school youth, teachers, and parents. Based on national statistics, the goal of RISK is to help teens make informed sound choices for their lives. Teachers and others who work with middle and high school students are encouraged to contact your local Extension office to schedule a workshop. A minimum of 15 participants and 1 ½ hours are needed for the presentation.