C.L.M.T. Quiz - Introduction

In Illinois, livestock producers with more than 300 animal units must be certified in waste handling procedures. To become certified producers with 300 - 999 animal units can either attend a University of Illinois Extension taught C.L.M.T. workshop or take and pass the Illinois Department of Agriculture administered Certified Livestock Manager exam. Producers with over 1,000 animal units are required to do both.

University of Illinois Extension has received approval from Illinois Department of Agriculture to develop and offer a series of on-line quizzes (5), which if passed successfully, would be the equivalent of having attended the C.L.M.T workshop for Certified Livestock Manager Certification. This on-line quiz program is an option you may elect. It's possible you will want to continue attending the traditional workshops every 3 years to become certified. You may start taking the quizzes and decide you would rather attend the workshop training, which is OK. We (Extension) believe that these questions will also prove valuable in assisting livestock producers in preparing for the state-administered exam. This is being offered as an alternative to the traditional Extension workshop. If you would like to do the quizzes and the workshop training, you are more than welcome.

There is no cost for the on-line quiz option. The only cost is for the C.L.M.T. manual ($43.50) and the postage and handling ($6.50) or $16.50 for the cd (plus $3.50 for postage).

NOTE: The quizzes connected with the correspondence-course option DO NOT take the place of the Illinois Department of Agriculture state-administered exam, WHICH IS STILL REQUIRED FOR ALL LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS WITH OVER 1,000 ANIMAL UNITS.

If you do not have web access from your home or office, you can check with either your local public library or county Extension office, to see if they have web access available to the public. The key word is "check". Some libraries and Extension units may be able to offer web access and others may not, due to a lack of resources. Library or Extension staff will not be able to sit with you and show you how to work the computer. They will probably only be able to assist you in signing on to their computer and connecting to the web. Some computer skills and experience navigating the web are crucial to your being able to take advantage of this quiz option. The library and Extension staffs are not there to proctor the quizzes or hold your hand while you go through every step of the five quiz modules.

Reservations - Please understand that if you would like to use a computer in the local public library or Extension office you will need to call ahead to reserve a time on their computers. Calling ahead can save you from getting there unannounced, only to find someone else got there just before you and will have the computer tied up for an hour or more.