C.L.M.T. Quiz - Introduction

To register for the CLMT Correspondence Quiz Option, please contact Randy Fonner:

E-mail: clmt@uiuc.edu

Phone: 217.333.2611

Dept of Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Attn: Randy Fonner, C.L.M.T. Coordinator
Rm. 332k AESB, 1304 W. Pennsylvania Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

There is no cost for the quiz option. The only cost is for the C.L.M.T. manual ($43.50) and the postage and handling (approximately $6.50) or the cd ($16.50 plus $3.50 for postage).

A registration package will be mailed to you with your sign-on and password.

Don't Forget to Order a C.L.M.T. manual!

NOTE: The quizzes connected with the correspondence-course option DO NOT take the place of the Illinois Department of Agriculture state-administered exam, WHICH IS STILL REQUIRED FOR ALL LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS WITH OVER 1,000 ANIMAL UNITS.