C.L.M.T. Quiz - Software Instruction

Once you have your Certified Livestock Manager Training manual, sign-on and password, and have read the lessons in the manual for each quiz, you will be ready to start the quiz process. It is to your benefit to read the appropriate lessons before taking a quiz. The quizzes are timed, therefore it will be difficult to try and look up each and every answer in a given chapter. These quizzes are not intended to be an open book exam.

NOTE: The quizzes connected with the correspondence-course option DO NOT take the place of the Illinois Department of Agriculture state-administered exam, WHICH IS STILL REQUIRED FOR ALL LIVESTOCK PRODUCERS WITH OVER 1,000 ANIMAL UNITS.

To take a quiz:

Have a calculator and pencil or pen available for your use.

  1. Start your web browser (i.e.; Internet Explorer or Firefox or Netscape) and go to the Quiz web page at: https://www5-s.etb.uiuc.edu/CLMT. This will bring up the User Identification ID box. NOTE - address is https NOT http - Big difference!
  2. Type in your USER ID (case sensitive) and click on the Enter icon or hit enter on your keyboard. This will advance you to the USER PASSWORD screen.
  3. Type in your USER PASSWORD (case sensitive) on the next page to enter your password and click on the Enter icon or hit enter on your keyboard. This will advance you to the MALLARD QUIZ homepage screen (the name of the quiz software is MALLARD). Your name should appear at the top of this page near the middle. The icons on the left side correspond to most of the blue text. By placing your cursor on those icons you can find out what other pages each icon represents.
  4. Please click on the Announcements icon and read any late-breaking announcements. Also check out the Course Information icon for information. If you want to explore the other icons, go right ahead. Clicking on either the back button in your web browser will back you up to the previous page or clicking on the House icon in MALLARD will return you to the MALLARD homepage (where you started).
  5. Click on the Lessons Page icon. A list of the five different quiz modules will appear.
  6. Choose the quiz you would like to take first, by clicking on the Book icon next to the quiz name. A Pad and Pencil icon and the phrase "Web Quiz: Lesson _ Quiz" will appear. Clicking on the icon or the text will open up the quiz.
  7. Questions are answered by highlighting an answer in a pull down menu, or clicking on the circle (which fills it in - making it your answer choice). All answers can be changed at any time BEFORE you click on the Submit for Grading icon.
  8. Answer all the questions. When you are done click on the Submit for Grading icon after the last question. The MALLARD program will grade your answers in only a few seconds.
  9. The GRADED QUIZ Page will appear when the quiz has been graded. You will see each question and the answer choices. Correct answers will be shown in a green color with a checked box after them. A message right under the question will tell you that you answered the question 100% correct. Wrong answers will appear in red with a checked box right after the question. MALLARD will not show what the correct answer is. The message right under the question will tell you that your raw score for that question is 0%. If you did not answer a question (you missed it or did not want to guess) the words "no answer" will appear in red letters, signifying a wrong answer. Obviously then your raw score for that question will be 0%.
  10. Scroll through all the questions to the bottom, where a box with your Web Quiz Grade Summary is located. Your raw score is given. We do not use the penalty or adjusted total features. The Minimum passing score, Grade for this submission and Cumulative Grade information is given. We do not use the Cumulative Grade feature. Each quiz is graded on its own. If your Grade for this submission is higher than the Minimum passing score, you have successfully passed that quiz. If you did not pass the quiz, clicking on the NEW Quiz icon in the lower left corner of the page will allow you to take the quiz again, to try and improve your score. MALLARD will keep and count your highest score, so you can keep trying to improve your score. Each quiz can be taken three times.
  11. If you passed the quiz, you can click on the House icon to return to the MALLARD homepage and then click on the Exit icon to sign-off and leave the MALLARD program OR click on the Lessons Page icon to select another quiz to take (and repeat the above steps).

Questions - If I have questions whom can I contact?

Questions about the quiz software or problems signing on should be resolved by contacting the Extension C.L.M.T. Coordinator (Randy Fonner). There are some MALLARD help instructions on-line, plus students can send e-mail to the Extension C.L.M.T. Coordinator from within the quiz program by going to the MALLARD homepage and clicking on the Staff Information icon. On the next screen, click on Randy's name to send an e-mail. He will respond to you ASAP. Phone 217.333.2611 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.