A Home for Every Item

If you want to be organized, every item must have a home

You can’t put something away if it doesn’t have a home. If you do, you’re just stashing stuff, and you’ll probably never be able to find it again.

Having a home for an item should mean that there is only one logical place for you to look for it. For example, there should be only one place that you keep your old tax records. There should only be one drawer where you would find your socks, and only one place where your child will find favorite puzzles or stuffed animals.

Look around your home or office. Those items that are lying around adding to your clutter are likely those items for which you’ve never determined a home.

Here’s an approach to help you determine a home for all the groups of items in your home or office.

“Corral” similar items together

The most essential aspect of organizing is to FIRST group similar or related items together.

The steps are simple:

  1. Look for related items and gather them together.
  2. Dispose of unneeded or duplicate items.
  3. Choose containers for each group of items.
  4. Choose a home for each container.

For example, examine the paper clutter on your kitchen table or the “stuff” in your child’s room.

Look for related items and gather them together

Dispose of unneeded or duplicate items

Choose containers

coose containers

Choose a home for each container

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