In the Kitchen

An organized kitchen follows two basic rules for effective storage: (1) store items close to where they will be used, and (2) keep frequently used items in the most convenient storage areas.

Look around your kitchen. Think about the tasks that you do there and apply the two basic rules.

Less frequently used items should go in the less convenient storage areas, such as deep corner cabinets, uppermost shelves that are hard to reach, or even outside the kitchen.

Some additional tips may help you organize some of your kitchen challenges:


What kind of recipe-keeper are you? How many do you have? Corral like items together, then see what kind of storage you need.

For example, you may want to sort recipes by whether you’ve used them:

When you save a recipe, try to use the same approach recommended under the section on magazines—labeling the recipe with the category where you will file it, and perhaps highlighting the ingredient or feature that caught your attention.

If your recipe box is overflowing or has papers sticking up out of it, your box may just be too small. If you're using a box that holds 3x5 cards, consider switching to a 4x6 box. Four by six cards are large enough that you can usually tape a magazine clipping directly onto the card, without ragged ends sticking up out of the box. You can even tape your 3x5 cards onto the new 4x6 cards to avoid rewriting them.

If you simply have too many recipes to fit in the box, you may want to cull out some. Alternatively, look for a box that holds more cards, or divide your recipes into two boxes. You might put desserts, snacks, and foods for entertaining in one box, and regular meat, poultry, vegetable, and casserole recipes in the other.

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