Choosing Ingredients to Lower the Fat in Main Dish Recipes

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Instead of Try
Solid shortening Vegetable oil
Vegetable oil for browning meat Use less oil or non-stick spray
Whole milk, cream Non-fat or skim milk
Sour cream or mayonnaise Plain low-fat yogurt, low-fat or non-fat sour cream or mayonnaise
Whole eggs Egg whites
70% lean ground beef 90% lean ground beef, or lean ground turkey
Cream soups for casseroles Fat-free or low fat cream soups
Cheddar or Colby cheese Low-fat mozzarella cheese; combine a regular fat cheese with a non-fat or low-fat cheese to preserve melting characteristics
Regular gravy Low-fat or non-fat gravy; marinade meat instead of using gravy
Evaporated milk Low-fat or non-fat evaporated milk
Chicken or beef broth Low-fat or non-fat broth
Buttered breadcrumbs High fiber unsweetened cereal flakes, crushed

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