After the floods of 1993, the Illinois Cooperative Extension Service (University of Illinois Extension) recognized the importance of preparing Extension staff for emergencies and developing disaster-related resources that could be easily accessed and distributed.University of Illinois Extension also realized the need to systematically retain the lessons learned during the floods of 1993 and to apply these lessons in preparing for future disasters. The Disaster Readiness Task Force was created in 1994 to address these issues and to facilitate IUniversity of Illinois Extension's ability to provide information and education in the area of disaster preparedness and recovery.Towards this goal, the Task Force has assembled this volume as a compilation of disaster resources that have been developed by unit leaders, educators and specialists.

The purpose of the University of Illinois Extension Disaster Guide is to provide University of Illinois Extension Staff, particularly Unit Leaders, with information about how to access disaster-related resources on the local, state and national level, and how to prepare themselves and their office for the event of a disaster.Although there are ways in which University of Illinois Extension can provide assistance immediately following disasters, the major emphasis of Extension should be in the area of disaster preparation, education and long-term recovery. This guide reflects this emphasis and concentrates on disaster related programming that is relevant before a disaster strikes and after immediate emergency responses have been made.