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Teacher's Guide - Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini - University of Illinois Extension
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Welcome to Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini. This website has been designed for use by elementary grades, but can be adapted and modified by adding activities and study skills appropriate for that grade level.

This program is interdisciplinary and is designed to introduce students to produce they may not be familiar with by talking a little bit about fun facts and nutritional information. The website will also help to enhance students’ math, reading, writing, and creative arts skills.

This website is an excellent resource to use with the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable programs as well as other childhood obesity programs.

Throughout the website, letters of the alphabet have been used to introduce various produce.  The characters used in the website may not portray what the item actually looks like so we have taken the produce items “out of costume” and put them in the Food Gallery.

Here are several ideas for activities to enhance your lesson.

Tasting Activities

Shopping Activities

Science Activities

Language Arts Activities

Creative Arts Activities

Activity Sheets

Each food can be printed out and used as a coloring page. After the students have colored all of the pages, assemble them into a book. Each student can do a book or take a page and the book can be a class project.

If you complete the online request form, we will send you a poster for your classroom featuring several of the characters from our Schools Online websites.

And if you have a question, send it to us webfeedback@extension.uiuc.edu.

We always look forward to hearing from teachers. Let us know if this site was useful to you and your students.