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January 26, 2011

Changing Manure Streams Project 2011 - Update

Our project to divert horse manure and bedding from going to landfills is getting close for Lake and McHenry Counties in IL. We have a waste hauler identified to help us on this pilot project and a composting site.

The idea is to put 2 dumpsters at the barns one for garbage and one for horse manure and bedding (and maybe food scraps also). Hauler will continue to take garbage to landfill, but manure and bedding will go to composting site to be composted.

We hope the costs will be at least a little less but also hope everyone can appreciate the decrease in volume going to landfills which should make them last longer.

We will be sending out info and asking horse and stable owners in those counties who are interested to sign up at this website

People who sign up will be sent contact info for the waste hauler to find out about pricing

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January 26, 2011

2011 Central IL Composting Symposium

Date: Monday, February 14, 2011 from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Place Lincolnland Community College, Springfield, IL


Monday, February 14, 2011

12:30 – 1:00 p.m. Registration

1:00 - 1:10 p.m. Welcome

1:10-2:10 p.m. Keynote: Dr. Paul Walker, Illinois State University

2:10-2:30 p.m. Questions

2:30-2:45 p.m. Break – Refreshments prepared by LLCC Culinary Arts students

2:45 – 3:45 p.m. Breakout Session I

A. Backyard Composting Basics - Jennifer Fishburn (horticulture educator, University of Illinois Extension)

B. Starting a Community Composting Program - George Dreckmann (recycling coordinator, City of Madison, WI) and Mike Brunk (city arborist, City of Urbana Public Works)

C. Food Waste Composting - David Smith (Illinois Energy Office - Recycling Program, Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity)

D. Composting Rules & Regulations - Derek Rompot (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Bureau of Land)

3:45-4:00 p.m. Break

4:00-5:00 p.m. Breakout Session II

A. Vermicomposting - Wynne Coplea (waste and recycling manager, City of Springfield)

B. Composting for Schools/Campuses - Panelists: Andilee Warner (recycling and solid waste coordinator, SIU-Carbondale), Paul Walker (professor of animal science and head of ISU composting program), Gary Cuneen (founder and executive director, Seven Generations Ahead)

C. Farm Composting - Panelists: Randy Fonner (extension specialist, Certified Livestock Manager Program, University of Illinois Extension), Dean Allen (Soil Exchange, Inc.), AJ Wilken (Wilken Worm Farm)

D. Business/Commercial Composting - Enid Cardinal (sustainability coordinator, ISU)

5:00-5:30 p.m. Build Your Own Bin Registration

5:30-6:30 p.m. Build Your Own Bin Workshop


Lincoln Land Community College, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, University of Illinois Extension, City of Springfield, Illinois Department of Agriculture

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