How Does the Program Work for Those Who Want Manure?

Especially For Gardeners Or Landscapers?

  1. To Get The Manure Share List: Check out the University of Illinois Extension Manure Share website for the Manure Share List. Names, phone numbers and locations are provided for people with available composted manure and detailed information about what type of manure is available.
  2. What Do You Want: Review the list to find the farm that most closely meets your needs (type of bedding, loading assistance, etc.).
  3. Manure Mechanics: Decide how much manure you need. Decide how you can haul it safely. Make arrangements to have a pick-up or other vehicle available, if necessary.
  4. Arranging A Pick-Up Time: Contact the farm to obtain information on where and when the manure or compost can be picked up.
  5. Composting The Manure: Participating livestock owners are encouraged to fully compost their manure. However, some farms may have only fresh manure available. You are encouraged to compost the manure in your own compost pile prior to using it. There are risks to you and your garden if the manure is not composted. Your Extension Office has numerous resources available (also check these web pages) to help you start composting and using manure in home compost systems.
  6. Using The Compost: Once the manure is composted, use it in your gardens and landscape as recommended by University of Illinois Extension.

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