Insects and Diseases


Root-feeding Pests

The most common root-feeding pests of strawberries in Illinois include the strawberry crown borer, Tyloderma fragariae, the strawberry root weevil, Otiorhynchus ovatus, and white grubs in the genus Phyllophaga. Other below ground pests, including the strawberry rootworm, Paria fragariae and strawberry root aphid, Aphis forbesi, are rarely economically important in Illinois. Although the crown borer, root weevil and grubs are all members of the insect order Coleoptera (the beetle and weevils) their life histories differ considerably.

Strawberry Crown Borer Strawberry Crown Borer

Strawberry Root Weevil Strawberry Root Weevil

White Grubs White Grubs

Foliage-feeding Pests

The foliage-feeding pests of strawberries in Illinois include leafrollers (strawberry leafroller and others), the strawberry rootworm and two mite species—the two-spotted spider mite and the cyclamen mite. This summary reviews the life histories of these pests and the practices that can be used for their management. Other foliage-feeding pests, including the grape colaspis and strawberry sawflies rarely damage strawberries in Illinois and are not covered in this paper. Information on these less common pests is summarized in Insect Pests of Strawberries in Ohio (Williams and Rings, 1980).

Leafrollers Leafrollers

Mites Mites

Strawberry Rootworm Strawberry Rootworm

Flower and Fruit-feeding Pests

The common flower and fruit-feeding pests of strawberries in Illinois are the strawberry clipper, the tarnished plant bug, the strawberry sap beetle and slugs. In 1994 the eastern flower thrips, an insect that rarely causes significant losses in strawberries, appears to have caused severe damage to the crop in much of the east-central United States.

Eastern Flower Thrips Eastern Flower Thrips

Slugs Slugs

Strawberry Clipper Strawberry Clipper

Strawberry Sap Beetle Strawberry Sap Beetle

Tarnished Plant Bug Tarnished Plant Bug


Gray Mold of Strawberry Gray Mold of Strawberry

Leaf Variegation or June Yellows in Strawberries Leaf Variegation or June Yellows in Strawberries

Strawberry Leaf Diseases Strawberry Leaf Diseases

Strawberry Red Stele Root Rot Strawberry Red Stele Root Rot

Verticillium Wilt of Strawberry Verticillium Wilt of Strawberry