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Chapter 7: Bibliography and Chapter 8: PowerPoint Presentations

Chapter 7: Bibliography of Literature on Pharmaceutical Chemicals and the Environment

This chapter highlights articles related to unwanted medicines and other pharmaceuticals in the environment from scientific journals, newspapers, magazines, and radio.

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Chapter 8: PowerPoint Presentations – Overview of the Issue

The following presentations were developed by Sea Grant staff to educate various audiences about the topic of proper medicine disposal. All files are provided in pdf format, but the PowerPoint slides may be available from the authors. Feel free to use this information in your own presentations. We ask that you please cite the appropriate Sea Grant source. Contact Laura Kammin with questions or requests.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management: Environmental Impacts

Proper Disposal of Unused Medicines: Outreach and Education Efforts of IISG

Medication Disposal: What’s the Problem? Impacts on Human and Environmental Health

Undo the Chemical Brew in the Great Lakes

Undoing the Great Lakes Chemical Brew

Dose of Reality

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