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Find a Local Medicine Collection Event or Program

Thank you for choosing not to flush or throw away your unused medicine. Click on your state to find a collection program near you. These programs are able to safely accept and destroy pharmaceuticals from residential sources; they cannot accept material from businesses.

Under current regulations, only law enforcement officers may legally take custody of controlled substances. If you are trying to get rid of controlled substances, you'll need to find a collection hosted by a police department rather than a pharmacy.

Click on Your State to Find a Collection Program

Click on Your State to Find a Collection Program

Don't see your state in the map?
Follow the links below to find service near you. If your town is not listed, call your pharmacy or police department to find out if there are local medicine collection programs available.

Earth 911
The Drug Takeback Network
Dispose My Meds

Mail-back Options
Some pharmacies sell mail-back envelopes.

Starting a Program
Does your community need a collection program? The Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Toolkit can help.

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